Never Lose Your Childlike Passion & Energy

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Somehow we stumbled upon the very thing that woke his heart and mind. What a stumble.

It began with the classics like Thomas the Train and Bakugans, from books to movies, and every other childhood toy. Then, one day, we found it. It has been around forever, or so it seems. It was around when I was a child. How we never found it before is a mystery, but once it was discovered, everything else faded into the background like some beautiful bokeh in a favorite photograph. Not unlike Cortez who ordered his ships burned in 1519 before leading his men to battle against the Aztecs in order to take away their ability to retreat. There was no going back.

It was LEGO’s. It was LEGO’s all the time. LEGO’s that would teach him to play alone, to focus deeply and for longer periods of time than ever before. It was LEGO’s that would transform the way he saw the world. Every movie, book, computer game, building, road trip, would be fodder for the creations he would make. That’s just the way it happened and the story still goes on. Where will it end? Only time will tell.

This short film, The Building Blocks of Artistry, was created almost a decade ago, when my little one who is about to turn 15 was only six. He is still the LEGO master and the creativity he displays is beyond imagination.

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