Wild Honey

September 2, 2014 By

wild honey

Her name is Beverly. A writer. A poet. 77 years old.

She was in a car accident a few years ago and shattered her pelvis. She lived with chronic pain and could barely move. She felt fragile and had to fight her way back to health. She is finding her voice again in her writing. She lost that voice and feared it would never return. It was such a devastation that she didn’t want to live.

We sat and talked in our serendipitous meeting as she shared what had worked to bring on her healing. It was doing what she had done before. 50 crunches every morning. She never thought she could do it, but then she did and she remembered the feeling of accomplishment when she made it happen.

So that’s the feeling and the focus she held on to when she had open heart surgery that left her in the hospital for four months…and left her worse than before. She lost all her muscle.

Any of this sounding familiar?

wild honey art journal

She spoke of a poem she had written the night before. It woke her after midnight as the words came to her half awake mind. It was an ode to a dear friend and she captured it on paper before falling back asleep.

Perhaps we’re all a little more like wild honey than we realize. We are civilized and follow the rules, but somewhere in our depths we long to be free and wild, to chase the things that stir our hearts in the depths of the midnight hour.

It’s only with the heart that one can see clearly;

what’s essential is invisible to the eye.

-Lerner & Lowe