Who Are You Not to Shine Your Light

January 18, 2020 By

If there ever was a time when we needed
everyone to shine their light, it is now.

I know all the excuses, reasons, and backstory why someone might think that they either don’t have a light to shine or that it isn’t important. I’m here to tell you, without hesitation, that the excuses, reasons and backstory do not matter.

We need your light. Whatever it takes for you to move beyond, or even just around, those limiting beliefs, it’s time to make it happen.

As I sat in the Ocean Room today listening to Marissa Peer speak powerfully to our group of 30 newly anointed international bestselling authors, that is what she asked us.

It made me think. Now I’m asking you to consider…

Who are you not to shine your light?

Who are you to diminish the undeniable value, beauty and divinity within you?

Who are you to doubt your incredible gifts, strengths and calling that is on your life?

Now is the time. Time for the light keepers and light seekers to speak up and speak out. Light those torches, come out of hiding and join arms with your fellow light bearers. We are here to make this world a brighter place. Won’t you step into it?

2 Comments on "Who Are You Not to Shine Your Light"

  1. Hermian Charles
    January 22, 2020

    Sparkle on - you crazy diamond!

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