Where Beauty is Revealed

April 5, 2018 By

Where Beauty is RevealedThe depths.

The darkness.

The hidden.

The shameful.

The dark places.

The places we don’t want to go.

The places of our deepest wounds.

The memories of our darkest regrets.

The hauntings of our worst nightmares.

Those are the places we avoid.

And yet, they do not disappear.

Nor do they disintegrate,

Just because we ignore them.

Instead they grow and fester,

Harboring hurt and hate,

Hindering healing and hope.

Those are the spaces where the light gets in.

Those are the cracks where liquid gold repairs.

Those are the places where beauty is revealed.

Don’t hide from the places and spaces of your story and struggle.

Don’t run from the value of your encounters and experience.

It can all be transformed.


Yes all.

As I write those words, I know them to be true. Deeply profoundly true and yet the part of me that yearns for peace and ease and harmony wishes for a different path. Is there not a gentle shuttle from this moment to the next, where I can acquire the necessary skills without all the painful lessons? I think not. The level of the pain can be diminished or at least lessened with the wisdom of experience, but I do not feel that we will ever move entirely beyond the full range of human emotions that are part of the living and loving as human beings on this planet.

So we, you and I, continue to stumble along the best we can. With every encounter, we learn. With every struggle, we strive to know more about who we are and why we are here. We find our purpose. We step into our best selves. We become the version of ourselves that we always knew existed.

Or so it should be… and could be, if you chose. Are you choosing that road? The path of growth and change, of service and surrender, of release and return?

Return to the most natural state of your being, who were were designed to be before the world got hold of you and tried to mold and shape you to its will. Seeking what resonates and sounding an alarm when you find anything that threatens to destroy what you hold most dear… your heart, your intuition, your inner knowing, your deep understanding.

Beauty is all around. The more you transform the dark places, the more beautiful this world becomes, and so also you and everything you touch.

This European HandQuote was captured in Labastide-Esparbarenque in southern France. The lovely vines and leaves growing for decades on the side of an ancient building were the perfect companion to this quote card.