Where Are You Depositing Your Misery?

January 31, 2017 By

Invisible Illness film quotesYou must answer this question. Not from your mind or even your heart.

You must let your body speak and tell you the tale of where you’ve packed away the untold stories and the words left painfully unspoken.

You must release the image that you can sweep it neatly under the rug.

That hopeful bright-eyed belief that ignoring it will make it retreat and go away… it is not truth and it will not change until you know from the depth of your being that your misery does not belong inside you.

It cannot be ignored. It will not be brushed aside. You must muster all your courage and with all your strength and might, look it square in the eye and grieve all that has transpired.

Then and only then can you give it a sweet kiss goodbye and let it go into the ether and out of your precious body.

And begin to fill that space with only things that bring delight.

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