What is Art

January 1, 2014 By

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Office Supply Tag, Alphabet Stamps, Tim Holz Distress Ink

Inside the “art” flap on the front of the tag are the words “journaling.” I needed to answer both questions for myself as I began the process of what others would call art journaling. I’ve avoided art journaling for years, not because it didn’t appeal to me but because of the expectations I conjured in my mind around the name. Words can carry powerful meaning and symbolism to liberate or enslave.

Art is something that artists do… good artists who can draw and sketch something from nothing at a moment’s notice without any practice. They are gifted and talented from on high or by a muse who whispers ideas to them at night. They are other and ether and certainly not me.

That was the mental construct I built around art and since I fit none of that description, anything I did related to art seemed like a second-rate attempt to be something I wasn’t.

I’ve since revised the definition, but am still working out the exact languaging of what art means to me, as well as redefining the definition of artist and journaling as well. The definitions are loose and open, and will likely evolve with time.

For now, identifying and releasing the definition of art provided an opening in my life and creativity that is working well for me.