What Are You Seeking

April 17, 2018 By

What Are You Seeking

What is unsought, will go undetected. – Sophocles

What are you seeking? Whatever it is, you will likely find it. Or it will find you.

We’ve all heard that, that version, that side of the story. What about the flip side?

What are you not seeking?

What are you not seeking that you truly desire?

What are you not seeking because you’re distracted, discouraged or disillusioned?

This quote by Sophocles really resonates with me, as a powerful reminder. I am reminded that I don’t want to live unintentionally. I have no desire to float through life and just go where the current of mass media and culture take me. I want to be an active participant in this life I am living. I want to be a co-creator with the Creator of this incredible universe.

So I am seeking that which I want to find. I am asking myself questions that dig deeper and cause me to reach beneath the surface into the root of whatever it is that is drawing me.

What’s drawing you? What do you most want to see show up in your life? Start seeking. Start looking. Start knocking on some doors. Do not let your deepest dreams and heartfelt desire go undetected because they were unsought.

I captured this handquote in a quiet alley in Perpignan, France. I’m often asked how I find alleys like this for the images I capture. I’ll tell you my secret. I’m always always on the lookout for them. I see them everywhere, interesting doors, art in the sidewalk, hearts in the water, faces in the trees. My eyes are always seeking images and beauty, and so they are found often and all around me.