Weekly Review 07 – Breaking the Barriers

February 19, 2017 By

Who knew that just by keeping track of the days and reporting on them every week, that I would start to break down barriers. From word counts to steps, I’m noticing that keeping track makes a difference in the outcome. Choices become intentional, rather than emotional. Decisions are made on data, rather than faulty memory.

If I want to know how I’m doing with my writing, I can go look and see very clearly. When I want to see if I’ve really taken as many steps as it feels like I did, I can verify, rather than guess. Ultimately, I’d like to just “know” and not have to track or look, but I’m not sure that’s realistic. So for now, while I’m trying to install the healthy habits, I’ll continue to track and report on my progress.

Productivity at a Glance

productivity infograph image

According to the productivity pulse, I lost 5% productivity. Seems like it was in large part to an increase of Facebook time. Facebook is generally considered a distraction, but it’s interesting because if interaction and connection are part of business or at least support it, then technically that time shouldn’t be counted as a distraction.

In truth, how can you really know if the time you’re spending on Facebook is a distraction or a benefit? What’s your rule of thumb for time on Facebook or any other site, like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc? Do you give yourself limits?

Words Written: 14,025

Last week I got to write that each week the number continues to increase. Not wanting to break the streak hit me hard when I looked at this week’s number. I wanted to stay on the increase with my words, but I wasn’t there. That meant that the last day had to be upwards of 6000 words to maintain that pace. I’m still trying to manage the value of reaching for arbitrary targets and pushing myself too hard for numbers that don’t matter. Let’s be real. Who can be upset about reaching 87,000 words in 7 weeks?

Books Read: The Little Book of Hygge (pronounce hooga). Have you jumped on the hygge bandwagon or hay cart as might be more appropos? It’s about all things cozy and comfy – hot chocolate, mitten, wool socks, sitting by the fire with friends and books, chocolate and sweets. All things that bring joy and connection with yourself and others. So incredibly delightful. I think I’ve been searching for a word to describe my ideal lifestyle and have finally found one that feels just like home.

hygge coloring page for adults image

Did you download my Hygge Home coloring page I created in December? It’s available to download free in my Renaissance Room.

Healthy Habits: I stopped using coach.me and my planner this week. Not on purpose, but just distracted by everything else going on. I had to make choices about where to spend my limited time and energy and those two didn’t make the cut.

Despite that, I did well with yoga nidra and meditation, as well as candles and blessing. I find with those habits, that are more like rituals, when I’m stressed I go to them rather than avoid them. Would be helpful to find a way to make all my healthy habits that way!

After meeting with two separate doctors, I did a little better with the skin brushing, which is helpful for lymph and circulation. I also remembered to take my magnesium more than I did the previous week. Still not so good with the nutmeg though. Gotu Kola, my tea that smells like a horse stall, I’ve been drinking. I just finished the 1 lb bag of it and had to order more. So I’ve officially consumed a pound of gotu kola. Not sure I’ve noticed much difference, but these things take time.

fitbit sleep tracker image

Sleep Deprivation & Anxiety

If I thought my sleep was bad last week, this week is abysmal. One night I got 1 hour of sleep. ONE HOUR. The next night an hour and a half. Ridiculous and completely tied to higher levels of anxiety from doctor’s appointments and differential diagnosis, hard decisions and living in the unknown.

Step Counts & Increasing Goals

This week was somewhat of an anomaly. I had more appointments, but those appointments wore me out more than usual. So even though I was out and about, the step counts actually looked worse than the previous week.

Ultimate Goal: 14,000 steps a day without increasing pain by August 1, 2017

Last Week: Hit 4000+ steps three days this week. I know that’s what the minimum was that I wanted, but it feels anticlimactic. Not very exciting. But I’ll take it.

This Week: Not sure how I’ll get to 4500 at least 3 times next week, but that’s the plan!