weekly review infograph

Weekly Review 06 – Infograph & Stats

February 12, 2017 By

weekly review infograph

Last week’s weekly review never got done. I forgot about it. Then I remembered. Then I didn’t feel like doing it. Then I wondered if I should combine it with a January Monthly Review. Then another week went by and here we are.

The Path of Least Resistance

This is a familiar pattern. One small piece of the puzzle gets thrown out of the box, then instead of finding another piece and continuing to work on the full puzzle, I get obsessed with that one missing piece and forget the whole point of what I was doing in the first place. Can you relate?

This week’s review process started out the same. Should I write one for last week first? Should I try to a monthly one now? Is it too late for last week or a monthly review? Should I just do this week?

I finally just decided to go with the least resistance. This week’s review, week 6, in the same format as before. When it’s done, I can contemplate other options. Until then, the path of least resistance wins the day.

Words Written: 15,948
Each week, the number continues to increase. I had a few banner days reaching 3885 words in a day and a few not so significant writing days clocking in at only 331 words. I was feeling discouraged because the low output days are the last few and I felt like I was losing my drive. That’s when I looked at the stats for daily word count average which is now above 1700. Prior to this, it’s been in the 1500 range, which means that even though it “feels” like I’m writing less or struggling, I’m actually increasing consistently. One more reason why it’s better not to go by feeling all the time, but look at actual statistics. Remember you can download my writing tracker for free in the Renaissance Room.

Books Read: The Artists Way. I’m listening via Audible and also reading my copy of the book I’ve had since I was 19 years old. This week, we decided to read the book together during our meetings. Brilliant. In that one decision, it took away all the guilt and negativity any of us would feel around not reading or doing our “homework.” In that one moment, we were all liberated to enjoy the unfolding of the class, the learning and the relationships of our group. Amazing. Find the friction. Eliminate it.

Healthy Habits: Using the coach.me app and my daily planner to track healthy habits. Ones that I did nearly every day this week are lime water, tongue scraping, melt ball, yoga nidra, candles and blessing, write daily, gotu kola tea. Ones that I continue to struggle with are foot massage, dry skin brush, taking nutmeg and magnesium.

RescueTime Productivity Stats: Still haven’t found a way to get rescue time stats to incorporate my time on my ipad writing, drawing, sketching and posting. So, the stats are skewed, but at least it shows a productivity increase over the previous week with the stats that I do have.

Struggling with Sleep

According to my FitBit, I am only averaging 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night. This is no matter what time I go to sleep and what time I wake up. I can spend 10 hours in bed “trying” to sleep, or in fitful sleep, and this is the average. Efficiency is so important to me and something I value, that it is a constant frustration that my sleep is so inefficient and disrupted.

The night terrors and nightmares have increased again, due to the increased anxiety of meeting with the surgical oncologist this week and other stressors. It’s so predictable. Then, when the night terrors increase, it makes me resistant to go to bed the next night because I don’t want to experience them again and on and on in a vicious cycle it goes. The nutmeg and magnesium help, so the challenge is trying to remember and be willing to take them early enough so they can have an affect on my sleep at night.

Stepping to Health

With our deadline for going global less than 6 months away, I knew I needed to get more active. Unfortunately, there are very few activities I can do without increasing the pain. So, I reverse-engineered how many steps I want to be able to take without increasing the pain (based on the average number of steps we took in our previous European adventures). Then factored in that number minus how many months we have until we take off (less than 6 now!) to figure out how many steps I need to increase each week to reach my goal.

Goal: 14,000 steps a day without increasing pain by August 1, 2017

Average steps in January: Abyssmal… less than 1000 on average.

Time to complete goal: 24 weeks

New weekly goal: 4000 this week, to be increased 500 each week (with a few weeks to spare by August 1).

I’d like to hit the new goal every day in a week, but ultimately I think that at least 3 times a week is a good start. Then I can work up gradually. I had been trying to move up too quickly and the pain was increasing, so I have to remember that it’s not just about steps, it’s about steps without adding to my pain.

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