Weekly Review 04

January 30, 2017 By

Traveling certainly put a kink in my regular writing and posting workflow. Going global will also mean going mobile for all of my work, so I’ve got to work out some systems and strategies.

Anyone out there fully mobile for writing, blogging, editing images? Would love to learn your strategies.

Here’s the stats for week 4…

Weekly Review Stats and Infograph

Words Written: 11,895
Each week, the number raises slightly. I’ve already passed my 50k goal for the month and I still have another day to add more words! I will definitely share my strategies for being so prolific in the midst of so many other projects ongoing, including my writing tracker.

Books Read: Continued reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss… amazing interviews with Tony Robbins, Derek Sivers, and so many other highly productive and prolific makers and movers.

Healthy Habits: Traveling for 4 days to stay on a houseboat was AMAZING, but it also meant that some of my healthy habits slipped a bit. I’ll be back on track starting tomorrow with a new protocol and schedule for all things self care and habit-forming.

RescueTime Productivity Stats: These numbers are skewed because RescueTime only works on my desktop, not my ipad. So all my writing in evernote doesn’t show up while I’m traveling and mobile. Will need to find another app that can track usage stats if I want to keep logging these numbers.


STEPS & SLEEP: This is a new area of tracking I’ve just started with my FitBit Charge 2. Although my phone can track steps, it only works when I carry it with me and I do not like being tied to the phone all the time. I also wanted to start tracking my sleep more to see how much sleep I am actually getting each night. The results have been interesting and I’ll start logging them in February. Do you know your sleep average or your daily steps?