Weekly Review 03

January 22, 2017 By

When was the last time you did a weekly review? Maybe last week after I posted my first two reviews? Maybe this week as you read this article? It’s never too late to start and the return on investment for your time and energy is incredible.

Weekly reviews of any area of your life, personal, business, career, parenting, family, weight, fitness, tech time, will yield greater clarity, focus and attention to action. You cannot track mistakes and failure consistently for any length of time without being inspired or riled up enough to make some significant changes.

This week’s stats… I’m considering only doing this specific chart with social media, writing and note stats once a month rather than weekly. A lot of these aren’t going to change significantly every week, so tracking monthly should be enough. Pinterest and Instagram followers are up. Facebook and Twitter nearly the same, which is actually fine since Facebook friends are where I enjoy engaging mostly with people who I know either virtually or “in real life.”

Words Written: 11,237!
On track for writing as much this month as I did in the super-focused month of Nanowrimo November!

Books Read: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Healthy Habits:

  • Planner Pages Completed: 7/7
  • Articles Published: 7/7
  • Daily Reading: 7/7
  • Warm Lime Water: 6/7
  • Ginger or Gotu Kola Tea: 7/7

Inbox Zero: 19 emails.
I am going to try to knock these out Monday to start the week with inbox zero again.

RescueTime Productivity Stats: Less time working on the computer because I was recovering from the biopsy the previous week. More time spent watching education on CreativeLIVE and reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

Key Learnings:

  • Watercolor Fashion Sketching on Skillshare
  • Megan Auman on CreativeLIVE
  • Pinterest Growth webinar
  • Artist’s Way chapters and group meeting

Obstacles: Still recovering from biopsy and now anxiety of meeting with surgeon. Takes a lot of physical and mental energy to deal with health challenges.

Questions: Do I want my daily planner pages digital or printed?

Favorite Movie: Hidden Figures!
We made a family afternoon of it and everyone was inspired and even moved to tears. A must-see. It inspired this week’s quote about continuing to give value even when your contribution may be hidden or dismissed. We need you!

Favorite Quote: