Weekly Review 02

January 15, 2017 By

After putting these weekly reviews together for the first two weeks, I’m thinking it may be better not to comment on the stats as I compile them. If I’m disappointed in an aspect and know I have to write about it, it may make me more hesitant to display them. Seems that taking a “by the numbers” approach will make it much easier to just face what happened, learn from it and move on. And who doesn’t love an infograph full of stats all about you?!? My visual brain loves it!

I’ve included a few of my favorite designs from the daily pages I’m filling out. The daily page has been the most useful and centering activity so far in my personal planner prototype. Been thinking about doing a Facebook Live video to walk you through the planner and/or the daily page. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing that!

What other tracking measures would be helpful? What are you tracking in your daily or weekly life?

Words Written: 10,033

Books Read: The Tunic Bible

Healthy Habits:

  • Planner Pages Completed: 7/7
  • Articles Published: 7/7
  • Daily Reading: 6/7
  • Warm Water: 4/7
  • Ginger Tea: 3/7

Inbox Zero: Almost. 10 emails require action.

RescueTime Productivity Stats:

Key Learnings:

  • Tim Ferriss CreativeLIVE talk
  • Systems Ninja 101 Training
  • Gmail Meter app

Big Wins & Accomplishments:

  • Starting using Instagantt with Asana to track all projects.
  • Completed 2 weekly reviews.
  • Ordered Aquanotes notepad for capturing notes in the shower.

What didn’t get done: Creating the new planner pages I wanted to design.

Obstacles: Biopsy and results.

Questions: How can I stop avoiding sleep?

Favorite Quote: