Weekly Review 01

January 15, 2017 By

Here we go! Definitely harder to do a weekly review a week late, but this will hopefully be the only one this year. Surprising how valuable it is to see this kind of data about my week so that I can focus on areas of success and opportunities for growth. Easy to capture insights into patterns of behavior as well!

What are you tracking this year to transform your life and health?

Words Written: 13,795

Books Read: The Artist’s Way Book and Workbook

Daily Habits:

  • Planner Pages Completed: 7/7
  • Articles Published: 7/7
  • Daily Reading: 7/7
  • Warm Water: 5/7
  • Ginger Tea: 1/7
  • Breathing/Meditation: 3/7

Inbox Zero: No

RescueTime Stats:

Key Learnings:

  • Launch & Learn strategy
  • Start using WordPress app on iPad

Big Wins & Accomplishments:

What didn’t get done: Extra articles written ahead of time.

Obstacles: Travel time.

Questions: What if I started my own group mastermind?

Favorite Quotes:

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