Wars Are Fought

May 14, 2018 By

Wars Are Fought

This I know.

Wars are fought.

They are won and lost.

Most often on the lives of everyone but the royals who command their “people” to fight for them. Most often to the detriment of the family structure. Most often to the heartache and heartbreak of mothers who lose their husbands and sons and sometimes both.

This I know. I have seen it, experienced it, lived it.

There are no words to explain the loss and pain that war brings. I know it can also bring freedom and hope. Depends on which side you are on and how far away you are from the front line.

But there are no real winners in the trenches, win or lose.

That is what I know for sure.

This image was captured at the impressive Warwick Castle in Warwick, England. A perfect place for this quote by Socrates.