Ushering in an Age of Kindness

November 13, 2016 By

Age of innocence if we ever had one is officially over. I believe some were able to live innocently naive for a time, but not me. So I know the devastating blow of seeing the world as not so safe, of staring aggression and bullies in the face and bearing the scars of the betrayal.

So how do we keep moving forward, take our pain and make it matter?

For me, right now, it’s about connection. Writing my compassion into the words of a handwritten note, sending cards across the globe.


Somehow I feel uniquely prepared for taking this position. I’ve been collecting cards for years and storing them for special occasions. The Paris image above, one I captured years ago. Now it’s moving from my home to that of a beloved.


Every small act of humanity.

Every intentional thought of unity.

Every step forward in clarity.

These will bring us back together.

These will make us strong and bring our world back from insanity.