This Is Us

January 2, 2017 By

The show that swept the nation, This Is Us, stole its way into my heart as well. Incredible character development, real body shapes and sizes, believable family dramas and personal struggles… the first season of the show had it all.

It made me think about our family, our development, our dramas, our struggles, our quirks. In so many ways, we are the atypical family. We homeschool/unschool, we’re planning to sell everything and become nomads, we’ve owned our own business for fifteen years.

Even more than that, we create and make stuff every chance we get… each one of us.

As the first day of the year was heading into twilight, I took a look around and saw father, son and mother all deeply engaged in their own creative pursuits. Making movies, creating stop motion animation and designing a personal planner.

This is us, the good, bad, ugly, quirky, odd, brilliant, beautiful, and daring… and right now I wouldn’t ask for anything different. Who are you?