There Must Be a Reason

February 7, 2017 By

There must a reason for all the trauma and turmoil in the world, past and present.

There must be a reason for the grief and loss we experience and the trauma we face. Believing that there is no reason takes away a sense of hope and possibility.

Without a vision, our souls find no rest.

I will hold on to hope that there is possibility for redemption and renewal each day and every moment. If you lose hope, what are you left with? Despair, sadness, grief. I’ve been there, in the depths, for long swaths of time. It is not a place to make your home or stay.

Heart Shaped Snow Covered Leaf

Climb out of the depths, out of the deep, beyond the grief and into hope.

Then, find some body workers, like Bevin (featured in the film) who can help you release the trauma in your muscles, tissues and bones. The body keeps the score and it’s our job to make sure this body we’ve been given has all the resources it needs to heal and repair.


I’ve worked with Bevin on structural integration, rolfing and somatic experiencing. The way she is able to integrate the learnings of all those modalities makes her a sought-after healer.

In her own words…

Stress reduction cannot be underestimated as a therapeutic goal. Taking a layer of strain out of your system can work wonders for general adaptability, as well as restoring your energetic reserves.

Sometimes all we need to facilitate change is a little attention, given through physical or verbal contact, in the right places. Pressure, movement and appropriate cues can bring awareness and animation into places where we were otherwise unconscious or strained.