The Only Thing I Know

May 18, 2018 By

The Only Thing I KnowSo this isn’t really Socrates. It’s a statue in Warwick Castle, of a famous royal, but I didn’t capture his name. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate that. And I’m also sure that he wouldn’t admit that he didn’t know anything.

If I’ve learned anything from all my visits to the castles and learning about royalty, it’s that they seem to have the idea that they know what is right and best, for themselves and everyone else. I’m also getting a firsthand view of just how incredibly lavish and spoiled the wealthy and royal were (and are).

My word, the visions I had of life being challenging in centuries past, is really only relevant to the common people (like me). The wealthy lived in finer homes, with expensive decor and furnishings, lavish clothing and linens, and meals prepared and served by others. I’m not pretending that there weren’t certain things that may have been more difficult, but on the whole I imagine their experience of life was much more plush and leisurely than I had ever imagined.

Needless to say, I would have to agree with Socrates. After all my assertions above, I will consent to admit that