The Key to Being Interesting

May 6, 2018 By

The Key to Being Interesting

This kid.

This delightful, curious, engaging, adventurous young man. He understands the secret to being interesting.

It’s quite simple really. Many authors and speakers, artists and writers, have mused on this idea of how to be more interesting. The truth that all have seem to come to realize is that being interesting is not where you should place your focus or energy.

Where then should your focus be? On being interested.

It’s a seemingly small difference. Just a few letters.

But a world of difference in how you come across to others and how you show up in the world.

My son is almost perpetually interested. He’s interested in different topics, all kinds of people, lots of places, and wants to learn more about everything. He uses google and wikipedia to find answers. He watches documentaries to learn, then uses an online search to look up the things he learns, then helps plan visits to the places he learned about in the documentaries.

His genuine interest makes everyone around him more engaged, enthused and interested as well. Everywhere we go across the globe, people are always impressed with this young man full of energy and enthusiasm for life and what he can learn.

It’s a powerful lesson, one we could all do well to remember the next time our life starts to feel a bit dull or we wonder how to impress those around us.

This image was captured at Brew Lab in Edinburgh, Scotland. Another city. Another coffee shop. Another hand quote. Life is good.