The 100 Day Project – 2018 Version

April 3, 2018 By

It’s April 3rd, 2018. Today marks Day 1/100 of #the100dayproject started by Elle Luna.

I don’t have it all figured out, but today is here and all I know is that I want to be part of it again this year. I missed it last year due to unforeseen circumstances life had prepared for me.

This year, I want the satisfaction of knowing that I was part of this global phenomenon. And in truth, I’d genuinely like, whatever my project becomes, for it to stick… well beyond the 100 days.

My plan at the outset was to spend the first couple days of April deciding for sure on what I wanted to do for the 100 days. However, life again threw me curve balls starting April 1. Delayed flights, horrendous AirBnB properties, misrepresented homes, and vermin. Vermin, I tell you!

All that to say, instead of spending the last 3 days planning and dreaming of this new project, I spent them largely on text, chat, customer support messaging, calls, and the like, trying to rehome our family for the next month.

By the way, we’re in Edinburgh. You know, Scotland. Home of Braveheart and the place JK Rowling birthed the first of the Harry Potter series.

Being here is a major piece of the puzzle. We left Weston-super-Mare in England on Easter Sunday and arrived late in Edinburgh due to flight delays. After a long day of traveling via taxi, bus and plane, we thought we’d be settled into our new space within a few hours. That was not to be.

The good news is that we are now in a new place, with a lovely view, well-appointed kitchen, and most important, it is clean, clean enough I feel like I can take my shoes off and walk in my socks. So, now my mind can turn back to the creative project I want to start… with a little less reserve for creativity and a lot less time.

Which simply means I’m going to go with my gut for this round. For 100 days, I’m going to post on my journal here. It’s a new site, which honestly I would’ve rather designed and launched officially. But, oh well. It’s here and it will evolve.

I think that for the most part or maybe for all of the project, I will post my European handquotes. It’s a project I completed in 2016 that absolutely inspired me and I’ve been taking my handquote project all around the world. So I’ve got a store of images I want to share, and I’m taking more everywhere I go. I may share, post or write more or less each day as the muse inspires, but ultimately it will be a project to just show up in this space with something to share.

The reason I’m choosing to have this space be the hub is that social media has lost its sparkle as of late. Many people are talking and writing about returning to blogging. Privacy issues, non-ownership, copyright, algorithms, are all part of the equation and reason. Ultimately, I don’t know where I’ll end up with social media, but I like the idea of returning to blogging. It reminds me of my 365 project I did many years ago when starting my photography company. It was an inspired year… challenging, frustrating at times, but absolutely inspiring.

So, that’s the challenge, the plan, the project. Meet me here every day for a bit of inspiration and art. Feel free to join me with your own project. Would love to have company along the way.