Stories About Ourselves

Tell New Stories

May 13, 2018 By

Stories About Ourselves

Stories. So often they are made up, with inaccurate information and not enough detail to capture the complexity of human understanding.

Stories that try to explain personal interaction and miss the mark far too often. Stories that justify behavior that is unjustifiable. Stories that forgive when forgiving seems impossible. Stories of heartbreak and healing, freedom and failure, love and loss.

We are all storytellers, weaving our magic words together in our minds and hearts, hoping to explain the truly unexplainable.

Life cannot be reduced to story alone, but it can be enhanced by it. Use story to your benefit and not your detriment. Embellish where you need, leave out facts if it helps you breathe.

Most important, tell a new story about yourself, one of kindness and compassion, gentleness and forgiveness, growth and grace.

This image was captured near the home of one of the world’s greatest writers, Shakespeare. He wrote of tragedy and loss, betrayal and temptation, heartache and death. He wrote comedy within tragedy and inspired generations of writers after him to tell new stories.

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