Take a Deep Breath

May 19, 2018 By

Breathe Deep 1This is for me, today. I need this reminder. I am feeling the anxiety rise as we prepare to leave Cornwall and head to London. It’s a bit of a harrowing journey for a day, or at least it feels like it will be…

Step 1: Pack all our bags and suitcases we’ve been traveling with for the last 11 months into a tiny European car.

Step 2: Drive 4 hours from the furthest edge of England to Bath.

Step 3: Drop our bags off at the train station, while one of us stays with the bags and the other goes to return the rental car.

Step 4: Return the rental car and catch a bus back to the train station in enough time so we don’t miss our scheduled train.

Step 5: Board the train. That might sound easy, but when you have 3 large suitcases each weighing 55 – 65 pounds and 1 small suitcase weighing 53 pounds, plus 2 travel backpacks, a large cooler and a medical bag, it’s not all that easy to board the train.

Step 6: Put all the above listed luggage into the tiny allotment they give you for luggage and find our seats.

Step 7: Ride the 2 hour train to London Paddington station and deboard the train with all the above described luggage.

Step 8: Navigate our way around the busy Paddington station (you do realize how busy it will be after the wedding weekend London just had, right?!?).

Step 9: Hail a cab (supersize) or call an uber to take us to our destination.

Step 10: Arrive at the lovely home of our friends from the states currently based in London. This step is actually the best one of them all and definitely worth all the above, but the thought of the process of getting there… makes me need to take another deep breath.