The Sunrise Song of Stonehenge – Fall Equinox

January 6, 2020 By

It is a ritual and tradition in many European countries to visit stone circles at sunrise during Equinox and the Solstice. At Stonehenge in England, people are invited to rise early and make their way to the stones.

There are no lines, no entrance fee, no gates or ropes to keep you out. It’s not advertised on their website, so most people find out through a friend or a local or someone like me who was invited to attend.

Visitors get to interact with the sacred ground and the stones, which are believed to hold healing power. Many dress in traditional costumes, bringing gifts to the earth, to the sun and moon.

Musicians of every type show up and make music as the sun rises over the ancient stones. This year was special because I got to experience this magical moment and feel surrounded by the beauty and mystery that every stone circle holds.

This Sunrise Song film was created by my son, a young filmmaker who travels the world and creates mini movies, travel diaries and LEGO designs all featured on his YouTube channel and blog. Below is a mini movie of the entire Stonehenge experience.

I hope this film helps you search out the magic in your life, and to remember to slow down and watch the sun rise and set. May your heart be full of light.
Thank you for taking the time to watch.