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“I wanted to be seen. I ached for it.” – Sue Bryce

This creative, brilliant, heart-centered woman has been an inspiration to me for nearly a decade now. I’ve met her in person more than once. I was able to spend one on one time with her during my Teen Identity photography days for critique. I’ve listened to her speak in person, online and through her video trainings.

She inspires me.

So when I found out she was going to be near me to give a new talk she’d never done before, I dropped everything and showed up with my ipad, pencil and heart in hand ready to take in everything she said.

I was not disappointed.

Since I’ve been diving in headfirst with visual notetaking, I knew this would be a fantastic place to put those skills to use. So many soundbites, bits of wisdom and nuggets of goodness were shared and I captured as many as I could in the nearly 3 hours she was on stage.

Below are some of my favorite one-liners from Sue about her life path, her photographic journey and her creative process:

“Let those that see beauty be surrounded by beauty.”

“Take away what I don’t like so I can focus on what I love.”

“Learn to speak and hold their space.”

“Finally I woke up.”

“Value what I do and give.”

“You have to be educational, enthusiastic, emotionally connected, empowering, engaging.”

“You must evolve.”

“Show attainable beauty.”

“Learn to be gentle with myself.”

“Create with certainty and conviction.”

“Push the pose. Work the body. Be in charge.”

“See yourself for the first time.”

“I am not confident in me. I’m confident in what I can do for you.”

“You’ve got to have a burning desire for something. That’s life.”

“Constantly frustrated there was no bridge to where I wanted to be.”

“I learned what I truly wanted.”

“I just want to be creatively inspired.”

“Mastery of connection is more powerful than mastery of lighting.”

“The universe was telling me something.”

Want to see them all? Take a look at the full sketchnote below and find a mantra that resonates. Write it down. Post it on your mirror and meditate on it. Think about it. Look at it from different angles. Make it yours. Act on it. That’s how life change happens. That’s how we change our minds, get a new perspective and find a new way of being in this world.

Take the time.

You’re worth it.


Feel free to download and use as a desktop wallpaper if you want to stay inspired!

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