Still I Go… to the Shores of Nice

April 7, 2018 By

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This French proverb is very similar to a Going Global video we posted at the beginning of our planning and preparation in early 2017.

I do not know where my path is going, but still I go.

Though the circumstances at the time were very different, the sentiment and message still fit in so many situations. I don’t know where the path is going.

Right now that means, we know we are staying in England for most of the month of May. Then we are returning to Seattle at the end of May. We have most of our destinations mapped out for England, as far as accommodation, however, we don’t know all the sights we will explore or people we will meet.

In Seattle, we are even more unsure of what our travels will look like. Will we find a home to rent for a few months and reconnect with friends and family? Will we borrow an RV and travel throughout Washington? Will we house sit for a yet unknown family that is going on vacation?

There have been so many serendipitous moments in our journey since we began, that we continually learn and relearn how to trust that the way will open before us. That the path will be made clear. That the right connections will show up at the right time, sometimes seeming almost magical.

So even though I don’t know where my path is going, I trust that the path will be lit as I continue to walk step by step and day by day.

This beautiful path brought me to the gorgeous beaches of southern France in Nice, a place where even the rocks and sand are my favorite colors. A place where the light shines in otherworldly hues of blue and grey.

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