Spilling Life Force and Dream Interpretation

September 3, 2014 By

spilling life force

Last night’s dream was a new one. I generally have the same recurring dreams I’ve had for years, even decades. But this one ended with me sporting blue hair. When I posted about the dream on Facebook to get some dream interpretation, one comment struck a chord that sparked my imagination for today’s daily art.

Here’s what I posted:

I dreamt blue liquid was spilling down the sides of a shower and bathtub. Ali, a childhood friend, and I cleaned it up. Once it was cleaned up, I stepped on the floor and was electrocuted. It fried my hair off and I ended up with short dark blue hair. I was not happy about it.

Here’s the interpretation from a friend:

Blue liquid spilling down the sides is your life force spilling out (from your accident) and you getting electrocuted with your hair changing is going to be a new you going forward. You need to own the new you. You might not like the new you as of now but you will.

spilling life force-2

That makes a lot of sense to me. I have actually frequently referenced the car accident saying it “knocked the life out of me” or “took the fight out” and I haven’t been able to get it back.

If you think about the liquid as that life force and strength spilling out, then me trying to clean it up and stepping onto the place where it spilled and being “shocked” by the force. It’s as if the life force is literally being shocked back into me… hence the blue hair after the shock. It’s as if the force was outside and is now being transferred back inside.

I guess you could even say my role now is to embrace that force (the short blue hair), which I remember thinking was a really bright vibrant blue and I consider myself more of a subdued neutral colors kind of girl.

It doesn’t end there though. I left out what happened next…
spilling life force-3

I went to show Ali my blue hair and saw her all dressed up in the stands at some event with Michelle Pfeiffer. They both had really long hair and looked amazing. I stood there looking at them feeling so awkward and different with my short blue hair. I wasn’t ready for the event and I was going to miss it.

Then I saw this Avatar-like creature on all fours with blue hair running toward me. I moved to the side and opened the door behind me and the creature went into the room. I shut the door locking him in. Once he was shut in, he became this smaller wiry creature. Shortly after, my friend Ali came down from the stands and let the creature out.

Makes me think about what’s running toward me that scares me… the future perhaps, the unknown. Why am I afraid of it?

What am I trying to lock behind closed doors?

Who is going to help me open the door to see that the scary creature isn’t at all what I thought it was at first?

Dreams are so fascinating.

Thoughts? Interpretations?