Soaring at Sunset

January 21, 2015 By

It’s so cliche when people say there’s no place like home. Yet I feel it and think that cliches are surely formed out of truths and a healthy dose of reality. So cliche as it may be, it speaks to me after 17 days away from home.

The reality of this day is that the sunset last night was unbeatable. The sunset at home. The soaring of the birds into my viewfinder as I patiently waited to capture the sun as it expired… leaving a breathless trail of light and reflection.

The remarkable understanding that this day was worth capturing was so strong as I watched the waves crash, the wind blow and the clear mountains in the distance. This one day that I had to capture this one moment in history, of nature, of life, of change. It was stunning and overwhelming and made me thankful for the eyes to see it, the feet that took me to the edge of the dock and the equipment to capture the moment.