Show Up

April 20, 2018 By

Show Up

Ready or not. Here I come.

That was the refrain we all exclaimed as we finished the countdown to the game of hide and seek. Whether or not the hiders were ready, we were on the hunt. We were ready, and so we moved forward, in anticipation, in hope, of finding what we were looking for.

The person in control is the one counting. The people hiding can only do so much to secure a safe place and then they sit, and wait, and hope, and pray that they are not found. Or they look for an out, a time to run to home base to be “free.” And then start it all over again.

Life is a bit like that if we let it be. We live in hiding, hoping that we won’t get “hit” with a huge tax bill, a cheating spouse, a job loss, an illness, or even a moving vehicle.

We don’t want to get hit, especially not unexpectedly. So we hide. Rather than show up.

Brene Brown suggests we stop it. Stop hiding. Start showing up.

She believes it’s time to show up whether you’re ready or not.  Show up as who you are, where you are, with whatever resources you have available at the time.

Perhaps a bit more scary and disconcerting than hiding, but maybe only because we’ve been conditioned to hide. We’ve even been shamed and bullied into hiding. Yet, the research (according to Brene) shows that we are much better off just stepping into the light (or the arena). We are more powerful when we are vulnerable. In fact, if I remember correctly, she mentions that our true power is in our vulnerability and in our stories.

Something to consider… all the ways and places you hide. And then to flip it… all the ways and places you show up. Compare your lists. Celebrate what you’re doing well. Consider a small change where you could be more open and present. Then give a rousing “Ready or not. Here I come!”

We’ll be here waiting.

This image was captured at the top of the medieval ruins of Las Tours in southern France. It’s located just outside Carcassonne, and there are four small castles each built on their own high mountain ridge.