Shattering the Illusion of Money

January 23, 2020 By

Whether you’re rich, broke, or anywhere in between, money is one of the biggest excuses we give ourselves to not follow our excited callings—it’s costing us our creativity, our freedom, and our lives. – Kyle Cease

I’ve been following Kyle Cease for over a year now, first discovering him via a Facebook ad, then signing up for his monthly membership. His unique comedic take on personal growth and development bring a light-hearted feeling to some very deep conversations.

Last year he released his second book, The Illusion of Money, then shortly after he released a documentary based on it. I finally took the time to sit down and watch the documentary and ended up having to stop and start it repeatedly because of the nuggets of wisdom he was sharing. It’s available to watch free online for a limited time.

Money is one of the biggest excuses we make to not follow the excited ideas and dreams that we have—and it’s costing us our life.

Would you agree with that statement? Have you ever used money or lack of money as an excuse not to follow a dream, vision or passion? Did you feel more energized or less energized after you made the choice not to follow that dream or idea?

The world, society, family, school, and all the structures that go along with that ingrained money beliefs in us long before we were conscious of them. We picked them up like candy on Halloween, a little bit from this house, a few pieces from that house, maybe a full-size Snickers bar from the wealthy family down the street. We didn’t question where they bought the candy. We just ate it, more than we should, and usually got a stomach ache and a few cavities afterward.

Our money beliefs aren’t all that different. We picked them up from others, took them home, and fully integrated them into our system. Now it’s time to realize that they are making us sick. It’s time to reframe our beliefs about money and our value.

Chasing money is the most
expensive thing you can do.

What is it that you do that makes you come alive? When do you find your mental chatter get quiet, your body move into a state of flow, and time seems to slip away? How often do you make time to do those things?

Find your inner artist. Connect to the energy of what you are. Make room for alignment and serendipity to come together in your life.

Unhook yourself from the illusion of money and move into the reality of who you are.

Are you with me?