Setting up a Backup Plan for Creative Progress

April 3, 2019 By

Wednesday. I’d set aside the day to knock out some long-overdue articles that I want to write. I had the house to myself and was ready to dive in. And then…

  1. Painfully slow website loading
  2. Internet connectivity issues
  3. No backup plan

I texted my husband asking if he knew anything about the website issues and included a GIF of a sloth to add some levity. He said he noticed it too and was going to follow up with DreamHost.

Great, but that doesn’t help me now when I have the time and mental space to make this happen.

Not only is this the day I set aside to do the writing, but it is literally just the second day of my 100 Day Project that requires website access and internet. Seriously?

My husband’s response:

The universe may be testing you to see how committed you really are to doing it.

Well that doesn’t feel very nice. Why test me when I’m just starting out, rather than help and support me? The affirmations and meditation I frequently read and do are about the support of the universe and expansion. What you focus on expands. I was focusing on moving forward, writing prolifically, and enjoying the process. This set of events isn’t in line with that.

So after a few minutes of pondering, I reframed that idea to this:

Maybe the universe is helping me explore creating a back up strategy in case there are situations like this where I can’t get logged on or to create a post because of travel or internet issues. If I know about and plan for situations like this, then I can set up a back up plan in Google Docs or Evernote so that it still feels like I am completing my project regardless of outside influence or external circumstances.

Now that feels right and resonates with me. Isn’t it better to have this happen now when I am still fresh and eager to stay committed? It’s certainly better for it to happen while I’m still in the states and have access to reliable internet, even if it means heading to the local coffee shop.

Creating a back up plan was not even in my mind when I was thinking about undertaking the project. It maybe should have been, but it wasn’t.

Now it is. Now I can make adjustments and plans so that my commitment can stay intact.

Here’s what I’ve worked out so far:

  1. Create a template on Google Docs and Evernote for a standard article. Make sure I have offline access enabled for each of those items.
  2. Create a folder in Google Photos for images that I want to use for the article, then sort them by day so they are easy to find.
  3. Plan ahead for some articles that are based around a single photo and download those to my website ahead of time. That way if I can’t get online to view or download the image, I can still write about it.
  4. Learn how to import Google Docs directly into WordPress with a plugin. Apparently there is a way to do this that is seamless. That’s good news to me!

It is a feeling of relief to have this clearly laid out, and surprising because I didn’t know I even needed it.

Have you thought through back up plans for your creative work? What do you do when you run into snags or issues with your process? I’d love to hear what has worked for you or if you are now thinking about what you could set up to support your success!