Seneca the Stoic Says Keep the Resolutions You Have Already Made

March 14, 2017 By

seneca - letters from stoic quote

Letters from a stoic to our modern day mindset…

Seneca says keeping your current resolutions is more important than making new noble resolutions.

His point, if I might take a guess, is that it’s a lot more exciting to come up with new plans and ideas. We like the rush of strategizing a new plan of action and how we think it will revolutionize everything. We (meaning me) like to think that this new program, app, solution, idea, will be THE ONE that changes it all and turns our whole life around.

We’ll lose the weight, clean out our inbox, write every day, call our grandma every week, take out the trash and fall or stay madly in love.

It’s not all our fault.

Those are the lines we are sold in every magazine, commercial, billboard and advertisement. The next best thing solves all our problems. But the problem is the problems aren’t outside us (for the most part), they are within.

We are the reason our email inbox is full.

We are the reason we don’t lose weight or go to the gym.

We are the reason our relationships are not what we’d like them to be.

Despite our best efforts and highest hopes for ourselves, it’s incredibly hard to go against the flow of life and the habitual patterns we’ve set in motion. When we do make resolutions, like “I won’t check email first thing in the morning so I can connect with my loved ones or meditate,” we break them. Or maybe your resolutions are more along the lines of writing every day, painting again, taking walks in nature, playing board games with your family. Whatever they may be, we end up not keeping our promises to ourselves and often to others as well.

So dear stoic Seneca writes us a love note letting us know that keeping our current resolutions is far more important than any new noble resolution we could make.

Do you remember what your resolutions are?

The promises you made to yourself at the beginning of the year, the start of the month, or last night as you drifted off to sleep?

Do that, my friend. Focus on that one thing you know you should be doing and keep resolving to do. That’s where the magic lies. Guaranteed.