Seeking a Life of Silence in the Mind

March 17, 2017 By

I am seeking silence. In the midst of turmoil, silence brings relief. When days do not show up as planned, stillness of my mind gifts calm to my entire being. That is where I want to live. That is when I find rest.

I’m reading two new books: Into the Silent Land and The Wisdom of the Desert. They explore contemplation, solitude, silence, meditation, tradition.

The faster this world seems to be moving, the rise in vitriol and violence, the fear and fragmentation, are driving me to dig deep. Deeper into the grounding of the practices of stillness.

Practices of blessing and breathing, inviting and accepting, surrendering and savoring, these are how I want to fill my days. Even fill my friendships and family.

These are the practices that bring peace and insight. So I gather wisdom to myself as a lifeline. As an HSP (highly sensitive person), rituals and blessings, prayers and mantras, remind me again and again that there is more out there than what we are being fed. I am learning that in order to find it, I must cultivate and nurture it myself.

We need more depth, breadth, height and substance. Our health, our sanity, our relationships, our very lives depend on it.