Rendezvous with Your Imagination

April 3, 2017 By
Rendezvous with your imagination.

Life design on a wooden table at Walnut Street coffee house looks like this…

On a first name basis with the owner (Pam – who makes an incredible decaf coconut milk mocha and noticed my haircut).

Borrowing a blue cup and saucer to match my new Life Design card deck (which is AMAZING and all the way from Londontown!).

Reading and taking notes on a non-fiction book by two Stanford professors (Designing Your Life).

That is the way to spend a happy Monday.

The life design card deck was hand created by UK-based artist Lisa McLoughlin. I absolutely adore her work, the soft and whimsical style, the dream-like spirals and swirls that always show up and the inspiration that each card provides. Her etsy shop is Whimsy of Nature, which makes perfect sense and I swear she must infuse a bit of her heart and soul in every beautiful gift she offers to the world. I love that I now have a piece of that artistry in my world!