Make Up for Past Mistakes or Make Better Choices Today

February 6, 2017 By

Make Better Choices Today

As we were cleaning out the closets and I began to think about all we need to go through and downsize, I realized a major sticking point was past purchases that feel like mistakes. I doubt many were actually “mistakes,” but in hindsight it always appears we could have been more frugal or that we didn’t use the item as much as intended.

That type of thinking makes it harder to just get rid of things. I want to get my money’s worth out of the item or give it away to someone who will really use it, or sell it for at least a portion of what I paid. Trying to ensure that happens for everything we own makes the entire process much more difficult… and even paralyzing.

If I didn’t feel I had made any purchasing mistakes, then I wouldn’t feel obligated to make up for them. Then, I could just let everything go that doesn’t serve us anymore and move forward.

That got me thinking about pretty much everything in life.

How often am I trying to make up for past mistakes with my behavior, rather than just making better choices today for a brighter future?

All. The. Time.

Then of course there comes the negative self-talk about shoulda, woulda, coulda and the cycle never ends. It’s like a nightmare merry-go-round that spins itself out of control and makes you sick to your stomach. If you try to get off while it’s spinning, it could leave you with some scrapes and bruises too!

Well, I’m putting a stop to it. Okay, maybe not a stop to it. I’m becoming aware of it and am going to keep it front of mind as much as possible as we prepare to go global and in my health, eating habits, writing routine, and any other area that comes up.

Can you relate? Does this sound familiar to you?