On Any Given Day

March 29, 2017 By

On any given day, there are 100 positive things I could focus on, and there are an equal number of not so positive things. Sometimes the numbers seem to be really skewed one way or the other. Not so much in the number, but in the impact.

Like today, when someone left a hurtful comment about an article I wrote and it literally brought me to tears. In those moments, all the little happy moments, like seeing my kids play together, or eating a delicious ojas elixir seem to pale in comparison. 

And then big happy moments take place, like watching the donations keep coming in for our Invisible Illness project.

Writing a guest blog post for a chronic illness blogger and being featured on her site.

Getting notifications about new friends sharing about this project with their audiences.

I feel seen and heard and accepted. Those are not small wins. They are big wins.

So as the day winds to a close, I am doing my level best to focus on the wins, forget about the losses and let them go. On any given day, there will be more or less and I choose to focus on the ones that heal my heart.