Nomadic Living on $500/Month

January 13, 2017 By

How to Live on $500 per month as a traveling nomad.World nomad. Minimalist. Travel hacker. Digital nomad. Homeless by choice. Mobile living. Wanderer. Explorer.

Essentially, these are all the same at their core. Seeking freedom over security. Life now over life postponed. Prioritizing travel and exploration over comfort and predictability.

It’s not a judgment about right or wrong, it’s simply a differing belief and value system. Circumstances and situations in many arenas either open the door for this option and choice or close it. Values definitely dictate what a person is willing to accept and endure on the way to their dreams.

As we embark on the road to a minimalist digital nomadic lifestyle by choice, we are exploring other people’s adventures and listening to their stories. Now the interest is not just curiosity, but a real need to have questions answered and fears relieved.

The latest documentary we found is a few years old and available to view on YouTube about mobile living. It’s an interesting cast of characters who have chosen this life. There are some flaws in the lack of diversity of race and age in the film, but the message of freedom, choice, and autonomy come through loud and clear. The opportunity to live within small means and find freedom and joy in that is profound.

Every new perspective we see. Every new outlook changes how we approach our adventure and inspires us to ask better questions about the why, how, what and who of our nomadic plan.

What questions are you asking about your life and vision for the future?

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