#my20dreams Guidelines

August 26, 2015 By

If you’re here, you’re curious. You want to know what #my20dreams is all about and how you can play along. Right?!?

It’s easy. I’ve got my own personal guidelines that I know will support me over the next year. You can create your own variation to fit you, but here are the basics.

Write down your list of 20 dreams.
Take one action every single day.
Share and inspire others.

Simple, really. Your one thing could take a minute or hours. It’s up to you and chances are that it will vary, but I strongly suggest committing to action daily. Every. Single. Day. Show up every day and take one more step toward your 20 dreams.

Want more details?

Write down your list of 20 dreams.

A piece of paper, some index cards, a torn map, anything will work. Start writing down your most audacious, wild, terrifying and crazy dreams. If you get stuck, close your eyes and get still. Listen, dig deep and remember those wild dreams you had when you were young and unafraid. It’s okay if they are silly, outrageous and unrealistic. You are not locked in to these forever. You can change them, adjust, add and delete as you wish. But choose at least 20 to focus on.

Why 20? If you choose less you may end up feeling like you don’t have enough diversity, you may get tired of working on the same ones. With 20 or more different options, you have a lot of choice and flexibility. You can follow your muse, your inspiration and mood for each day.

Take one action every single day.

Just one action that will move you toward at least one of your dreams every day. It could be as looking up a website to find out where they teach a skill you want to learn. It could be as easy as flossing your teeth if your goal is perfect health. The key is action, action that creates momentum, momentum that creates energy and force in pushing you closer to your wild and audacious dreams.

You can always do more, but the important thing is to start building a history of successful days of completion. When you look back 30 days from now, you’ll see how many steps you took. Each day they seemed easy but when you put them together they create a new picture of your future.

Share and inspire others with your action in person or online with the hashtag #my20dreams.

This is your chance to share and inspire. Not only will you get the positive feelings flowing through what you accomplished but you’ll start getting feedback on what you accomplished, which will reinforce the behavior and keep you motivated. Even more powerful, your sharing could be the catalyst for someone else beginning to pursue their 20 dreams.

Whether you use instagram, pinterest, facebook, tumblr, twitter, a blog, a journal, an app like heyday or dayone, or all of the above, you share the success and let others celebrate with you.

It’s an incredible experience when someone tells you something you said or did or shared prompted them to do something they have wanted to do their entire life. It gives me chills just remembering that happening on Facebook yesterday. I want you to experience that too!