My 3 Words: Focus, Flow, Create

January 2, 2011 By

There are variations on this theme circulating the online stratosphere. For the past few years, I’ve chosen not to participate, probably my aversion to being boxed in or stuck with something I can’t change. For some reason, this year I feel different about it and chose three words that seem expansive and provide the freedom I need.

These are not goals. I wrote about some goals I have for 2011 yesterday. I still want to hear about your goals too! But for today, I’m giving you 3 words that I hope to wrap my minutes, days, weeks and months around this year. They are:

FOCUS on what is most important, what I love, what I can change.

CREATE space and inspiration for myself and others to live to the fullest.

FLOW in the gifts and talents I’ve been given for the benefit of others and the world.

Will you choose 3 words for 2011? If so, what are they and how will you integrate them in your life this year?