Moving Forward

April 21, 2018 By


Who does not move forward, recedes.

There can be no standstill in life, only evolution or devolution.

Either you progress or you regress.

Relationships, health, education, skills, talents, abilities… they are not static. They require growth, input, and attention.

Too much on our plate, juggling too many balls at once, always busy and on the go are not the way to keep those critical things alive and well. I have found that it is necessary that my finite time and attention must be on some level turned toward the long term growth and health of each of those areas that matter to me. Without that, things begin to falter and fall apart.

Oh, but when you start to give even just a moment’s time and undivided attention to those things, the return on your investment cannot be measured. (Well it probably could on some level, but you know what I mean.)

Just a minute a day remembering to breathe and meditate changes my mindset and the way I am able to focus.

Five minutes a day on my art journal doing found poetry with acrylic paints yields a complete book at the end. A complete book of pages that shows the color choices, mood, and different styles of my art over the course of a few months.

Fifteen minutes a day of education in some area of interest yields a plethora of ideas and inspiration that shows up in my writing, my images, my conversation and my travels.

Those are just a few. What areas of your life are you putting concerted effort and attention on for the long haul? Where are you investing small and large amounts of time on a daily basis?

The more we know and understand fundamental laws of nature, the more we are able to work with, rather than against our own success and wellbeing.

This image was captured at Castle Cemetery, Cimetière du Château, in Nice, France. Fitting indeed to capture this phrase in a place where life has ended, yet the legacy of many of the people at rest will live on forever.