May Magick Journey

May 6, 2019 By

May is a month of rising energy and blooming ideas. We dream of sun-soaked days and evenings spent among friends. It’s also a time when we can forget to slow down, remember the long winter we survived, and prepare our hearts for what is next.

The journey prompt for May Magick led me to write a poem, and then set the words to travel images from my nomadic journeys. I hope it fills your heart and reminds you to release, reconnect, and reimagine what is possible.


Beyond the familiar cadence of our days
Past the clamour for our attention and our gaze
Exists a throbbing, beating heart
Reaching for something more
Stumbling forward in blind hope

The journey has begun
With every high and low
Every fallen flake of snow
Every friend and every foe
Tears and laughter
Grief, sorrow and hope

Some roads we travel
Mysteriously end
And we find ourselves turning back
Frightened by the loss
Leaving the lessons learned
Scattered to the winds

Even the strongest lose their way
Watching life unfold
Feeling out of control
Dreaming big
Playing small
Watching the days rush by
Energy fading from day to night
Lost in the shuffle
Drunk on the high

And then there’s a moment
A turning
A growing
Deep breath in
Excavate the mystery
Of the spring flower unfurling

We are the road
And the flower and the night
We have a choice
To contract or grow
With every breath we take
Every footfall on the road
Will we move closer to the truth
Or further from our soul

Will your steps lead onward to the heart
Or pull you off the path into the night
The darkest times of blackened skies
Surround us as we cower in fright
Longing for a hand to hold
Eyes straining to find the light

We’ve strayed so far from what was right
Into a world we don’t belong
Isolated and alone
Struggling to survive

Speed is not the answer
Busy is not the way
As we walk the path before us
Eyes open, heart laid bare

Out of the exterior landscape
of what we’re told
Toward the inner wisdom
of the unspoiled soul
The secret self that knows
The vital essence that grows
The tender heart that beats
Down the new path we go
The journey taking us forward
To the freedom that we seek