So Many Scarves & Limited Backpack Space

February 23, 2017 By

Now that the boys have completed Round 1 in the Holey Clothing Championship, it’s been my turn to tackle a portion of my wardrobe. Clothes I haven’t worn, hand-me-downs from my mother and daughter, thrift store finds that I never wore, and items that no longer fit were the first line of defense to be removed. That right there was enough to fill the space that had been cleared with my husband’s clothes elimination.

Now, it’s on to consignment and Poshmark to see what we can sell. If you find something on Poshmark that you like or maybe a few things you want to combine, let me know! In my experience, a very small amount that will be accepted for consignment so I’m not sure how helpful that step will be.

With the rest, I’m searching for a women’s or girl’s shelter that accepts good quality clothing. I’m also considering just doing a Facebook live with all of our friends to auction them off for “pay what you want” or “donations to the cause.” What do you think?

Thoughts? Suggestions? Open to all ideas!