Make Something

April 22, 2018 By

Make SomethingWe’ve been told, again and again, that there is nothing new under the sun. Depending on how you look at it, that could be true.

Personally, it’s a bit discouraging at times to think that absolutely nothing I ever do is going to be truly new. However, it’s also liberating to think that even if the concept is not entirely new, the way I create or make some project or piece of art, writing, or poetry, can be unique, different and speak with my voice.

That must be enough for me, because that is what I have. I have my voice, my fingerprints, my eye, my ear, my soul. What inspires me and what calls to me will find its way into whatever I create and therein lies what is new about everything I make.

Me. I’m the factor that changes it. So I must create, make, design, photograph, write, journal, draw, paint, and whatever else suits my fancy at the time.

And so must you! You must.

Make something new that does not exist, simply because you made it and you are the only you this world will ever know.