Living Through Cloudy Days

January 27, 2020 By

In Seattle, we are somewhat masters of the cloudy day. Grey skies. Rainfall. Clouds for days, weeks and sometimes months.

We are familiar with them and yet it is not uncommon to hear how they are affecting the mood and emotions of our nature-loving residents. Being inside because of two weeks of nonstop rain, or unable to hike due to muddy conditions, can be discouraging.

Waking up every morning to more grey skies without a sign of sunlight can wear on your psyche in not-so-subtle ways.

As I flew into Seattle recently, I was reminded that when we live below the clouds, all we see is grey. But if we allow ourselves to rise above, even if only in our minds and hearts, then we can see that the sun is still there shining. One day it will return and shine its warm rays upon us, if we can only wait for that day to come.

This is an ode to the one who needs to know that Spring and Summer are on their way. Need a ray of sunshine and hope? Look to the sky and remember that the sun still shines on you, even if you can’t see it.