Living & Laughing Your Way Into Your Dreams

February 27, 2017 By

black, white photobooth

There are many ways to achieve your dreams.

You can push and prod and discipline yourself to MAKE. THEM. HAPPEN.

You can strive, work and focus to GET. IT. DONE.

You can hope, wish, and pray for SOMEDAY. SOMETHING. SHOWING. UP.

Shall I go on?

Do these sound familiar?

They certainly do to me. So familiar. So exhausting. So unsustainable.

Having multiple invisible illnesses makes me evaluate every thing I do and assess the time and energy commitment involved. I can no longer push and press into a dream to make it happen. I just don’t have the strength or stamina of my youth to make that work anymore. So now, the option I have been given, is a different strategy for finding your way to the life of your dreams.

Live and laugh your way to your dreams.

Seriously, I know this isn’t necessarily going to work for everything. Actually, I don’t really know that for sure because it’s a new way of approaching life. Perhaps it does work for everything.

What I do know is that making the Going Global weekly video series we’ve been doing, has been one of the most fun activities we’ve consistently had as a family. Not to say we don’t have fun at other times. But there is something about coming together, talking, laughing, planning and preparing for our nomadic life, that has been transformative. I think the images and videos speak to that as well.

Here’s hoping that you can find a way to live and laugh your way into your dreams starting now!