Leave it Alone

May 8, 2018 By

Leave it Alone

Interesting concept. Quite fascinating really.

Don’t we most often want to clean up the mud, clear things out, make them fresh and new again?

Why then would we leave muddy waters alone?

Perhaps because the toil that it takes to clear them would actually serve to muddy them up even more. The act of trying to get what we want, clarity, ends up being the very thing that gives us what we don’t want. Yes?

Isn’t it just so in our lives? We push and strive and want what we do not have, so we toil and work to get it, only to find that in the process we have created a whirlpool of chaos we can no longer handle.

The more we struggle and grasp, the more it seems that what we want moves out of reach. In contrast, when we allow and surrender and release, we find the space and opening for new things to arrive and take their rightful place.

It is an irony of life and one that seems to be so challenging to understand. Yet if we could get this, our struggle would diminish and clarity would arrive.

This image was captured in Lower Slaughter, a lovely English village with an Old Mill and a water wheel with fluffy sheep grazing on green grass nearby. It was beyond idyllic and provincial, including the moment when a lovely white-haired gentleman drove a vintage car down the dirt road.