LaLa Land Lives Up to Its Name

January 16, 2020 By

Flying from the freezing snowstorm in Seattle to the sunny skies of California brought me back to another time. A time when I was younger, when palm trees and majestic blue waters were a novelty. Here I find myself again, after all my travels, in LaLa Land.

The sun and sky have not disappointed. My room overlooks the marina and I get to watch as the grey-blue clouds in the sky turn a pale pink and then shift to peach. The sun is setting over the water and the white boats that line the water bob gently in the breeze.

I am enamored with the beauty that surrounds me and as I sit writing these words, I take a deep breath and then another. I open and close my eyes, like the shutter of a camera, so that I can remember. Remember this moment, this place, this day, this experience.

Everything is always changing and shifting. It’s part of life and nature. It is time to transform and embrace all that transformation brings… the good, bad, happy, sad, majestic and mundane.

I write these words as a mantra to myself, to remember this moment, the marina, the sky. I want to remember this moment the next time I’m alone in the dark on a grey cloudy day with tears falling like waterfalls from my eyes. The nature of it all is change. This too shall pass. Stay present. Experience everything. Live and love and learn.

1 Comment on "LaLa Land Lives Up to Its Name"

  1. Weaving Life’s web
    January 17, 2020

    Love this post Mystère. It is so emotionally full for me and I feel so dreamy and positive after reading it.
    Your words coming as weaves on the shore.
    Thank you ♥️

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