Keeping a Diary

June 2, 2018 By

Keeping a DiaryI’ve been keeping a diary as long as I’ve been alive. Whether it’s a mental diary written on the unconscious or a pen and paper diary with a sweet kitten on the cover kept private with lock and key, diaries are a key to my sanity.

Call it diary or journal or memoir or whatever you like, the point is that I am recording what happens in the world. Some days it’s journalistic recording of just the facts… this happened, this didn’t happen, and so on. Other days, it’s all emotion and feeling wrapped up in completely subjective responses to outside stimuli.

More often than not, diary entries and journal keeping include a visual aspect, either through the handwriting or actual images.

It wasn’t until the most recent years when art and art journaling became part of my therapy, that I realized just how much my mind and body needed and craved that additional outlet.

Now I create art every single day in my art journal and write the words in my written journal. They work together some days and are kept completely separate on others.

I couldn’t imagine getting through the days without recording the thoughts, feelings, images, colors, textures and emotions that come through on the page. It is a road map to where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. A road map that will stand the test of time and remind me that I was here, in this moment, creating, living, believing, grieving, loving, and dreaming.

How are you creating and remembering these passing moments?