Keep Your Youthful Zest for Life

March 20, 2017 By

What’s a mom to do when she’s got 3 boys (1 of my own – 2 visiting) for 5 hours… take them to the beach and have them jump off rocks… in slow motion, in reverse, accompanied by song, and any other variation they can come up with. They had a blast and I learned a new trick with my iphone!

When I captured them, I did it either with slow-mo, regular speed video or a photo burst. Then I imported the images to my desktop and uploaded to google photos. From there, google photos let me create an animation with the click of a button! What?!? Did you know this?

It was a pretty big gif file, so I googled how to reduce the file and dumped it in a gif optimizer, then added the fun quote. How cool is that?!?

After that, I grabbed one of the best images, pulled it in canva and added a filter and a quick quote. They certainly make design a lot easier than it was just a few years ago!

Even more amazing to me is seeing these pre-teen and teen boys having a blast, being kids and enjoying the outdoors. They were having fun without any devices or electronics (at least part of the time) and connecting with each other and nature. So many lifelong memories made in one day. Such a blessing and gift.

I was inspired to share this after watching this incredible message from a WBNA coach about youthful enthusiasm. Stop being cool… start having fun!