Kafka’s Advice on Shattering Resistance

February 25, 2017 By
It came like an ax upon a frozen sea, and suddenly all my hesitancy was shattered. - Kafka

Kafka. Resistance. Not two subjects I frequently explore together.

Something about this quote struck me though. Probably because I’m knee deep in The Artist’s Way and reaching that point in the book where I end up quitting or getting distracted. I feel resistance’s tug at my leg, not wanting me to press through, not wanting me to finally be able to say I finished.

It was over two decades ago that I started The Artist’s Way for the first time on my own. I still have my original copy. I’ve picked up multiple copies and the workbook along the way and now have everything I could need to finish. And I’m not alone.

That one thing, not being alone, is most likely going to make the difference between completion and failure. Yes, I’m categorizing it as failure if I don’t finish this time. It must be done. The resistance must be shattered. It may feel like an ax breaking through precious parts of my soul and psyche, but sometimes that’s what it takes.

I’m just going to keep showing up in whatever capacity I am able, week after week, until this book and this resistance has been conquered.