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November 7, 2016 By

just-write-pinterest-graphicJust write.

Sit down at the page, the screen, the notebook, wherever you can.

Stand if it helps.

Ride horseback while you write like Alexander Hamilton.

Whatever you do, just write.

The world needs your stories.

The conversation needs your voice.

The real voice, the unedited you, the honest truth.

This month I’m participating in Nanowrimo once again. I finished my first teen novel in 2003 through this inspiring collective month of writing. This time I have a feeling, a sense, I’ll write even more than I did then.

If you’ve already joined nano and are completing your first week today, or if you just want to write ten words a day, perhaps this image will inspire you. I created it just for you!

Feel free to download it, use it as your desktop background (like I do), use it for your phone lock screen, add it as your Facebook banner, print it and post it on the wall in front of you, to keep you inspired and reminded of what you know your heart wants you to do.

Write, speak your truth, tell your story. I’ll be waiting in the wings to support you.

Facebook Banner


Desktop Wallpaper


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